Computing Systems Community Celebrates in-person Networking at HiPEAC22: June 20-22

Computing Systems Community Celebrates in-person Networking at HiPEAC22: June 20-22

· The seventeenth HiPEAC conference takes place on 20-22 June 2022 in Budapest. This is the first time since January 2020 that the HiPEAC network’s flagship event is taking place in person, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

· Record levels of sponsorship and the conference’s biggest industry exhibition show the popularity of this event, thanks to its unique chemistry of industrial and academic research.

· Three keynote talks, twenty-five workshops and five tutorials complement the main paper track – published in ACM TACO – along with sessions dedicated to industry and students.

GHENT, June 14, 2022 – In a welcome return to in-person networking, the HiPEAC conference will bring together the cream of the computing systems community on 20-22 June in Budapest. Once again, the conference offers an opportunity to explore the low-level technology advances powering the latest developments in computing, from the most powerful high-performance machines to the tiniest devices at the edge.

‘After a challenging two years, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the computing systems community to the HiPEAC conference in Budapest,’ says HiPEAC 2022 General Chair Cristina Silvano (Politecnico di Milano). ‘Once again, the program reflects the breadth and depth of the research in this community, who are behind some of the most disruptive technologies in Europe.’

‘There is nothing that can substitute the energy and excitement of an inperson-event and this is what this edition of HiPEAC is bringing back. Organized later in the year to encourage as much facetoface interaction for attendees as possible, HiPEAC is poised to provide a great opportunity for indepth technical discussions and informal interactions in a familiar setting,’ comments HiPEAC 2022 Program Chair Diana Marculescu (University of Texas at Austin).

‘Over the pandemic, we’ve seen digital technologies become more integral to our lives than ever, from video calls to contactless payments. As a bridge between industry and academia, HiPEAC delivers the compute technology that makes these applications possible,’ adds HiPEAC Coordinator Koen De Bosschere (Ghent University). ‘We are grateful to the many companies and individuals who have supported the HiPEAC conference year in, year out, not least the European Commission with their investment in HiPEAC through multiple funding rounds.’

Each day will kick off with a keynote talk from a top technology expert. On Monday 20 June, Hai Li (Duke University) will discuss efficient machine learning through algorithm-hardware co-design. Tuesday 21 June features Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF) on eCEO istributed Iintelligence in the internet of hasutonomous ssystemswhile Wednesday’s keynote by Bianca Schroeder (Toronto University) will focus on flash-based storage in production systems.

As usual, the conference offers a rich program of workshops to complement the hand paper trackwith highlights including:

· How to deliver high performance in cyber-physical systems at the edge, with real-time and safety constraints, for example the Safety-Critical Collaborative Systems workshop triotea Mixed-Critical Systems workshop and tutorialtea Next-Generation Real-Time Embedded Systems workshop and the De-RISC market-ready RISC-V-based platform for space applications.

· The latest developments in neuromorphic computing and architectures powering machine learning across the compute continuum, including the BRAINE approach, deep learning for the IoT and accelerators for machine learning.

· Inspirational examples of innovation across borders from the EU-funded BOWI and SMART4ALL initiatives.

Sponsors include technology giants Arm, DeepMind, Huawei and Cisco, the OpenHW Group, and sector-specific companies such as Cobham Gaisler, Collins Aerospace and Thales. Joining them in the industry exhibition and industry session are world-class European deep-tech companies, such as compiler experts Codeplay (recently acquired by Intel), dataflow engineer pioneers Maxeler (recently acquired by Groq), database maestros MonetDB and memory compression gurus ZeroPoint Technology. For the full list, see the 2022 HiPEAC conference webpages.

For students and companies attending the event in person, HiPEAC Jobs is organizing a range of activities under the umbrella of the STEM Student Day on 21 June. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic HiPEAC network, the STEM Day helps early career researchers find the most fulfilling careers, while assisting companies in finding the best candidates to deliver their future products.

View the program on the HiPEAC 2022 webpages – note that you can filter sessions by smart application area and/or technology focus:

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