High-reliability gallium nitride (GaN) RF and microwave amplifier for X-band radar offered by Comtech PST

High-reliability gallium nitride (GaN) RF and microwave amplifier for X-band radar offered by Comtech PST

MELVILLE, NY- Comtech PST Corp. in Melville, NY, is introducing the model BHCDP928978-4000 gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier for ground or surface X-band radar applications.

The AB linear design operates from 9.2 to 9.7 GHz frequency range over an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz. Development of this product is for a traveling wave tube (TWT) replacement.

The amplifier design features self protection for load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), duty factor, pulse width, and temperature. It also offers graceful degradation in case of a RF power module failure.

A mean time between failures (MTBF) increase of 10 times that of the TWT it replaces is achieved for improved reliability and low maintenance costs, company officials say. Comtech supports custom configurations and features, as well as specific power levels 16 kilowatts.

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This high-reliability solid state pulse amplifier features class AB GaN technology; high output power dynamic range; efficiency; RF input and output sample detectors; pulse width and duty factor protection; thermal and load VSWR protection; remote status and control Ethernet interface; ruggedization for harsh environmental applications; customization; graceful degradation; and cold start.

The amplifier measures 19 by 17 by 7 inches, and weighs 60 pounds. It also has an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz; output power of 4000 Watts peak; power gain of 66 decibels (nominal); pulse width of 40 microseconds (typical); duty cycle of 10 percent (typical); pulse drop of less than 1.0 decibels (typical); pulse rise and fall time of less than 20 nanoseconds (typical); input VSWR of less than 1.5:1; output load VSWR less than 1.5:1; DC voltage input of 48 volts at 3000 Watts; operating temperature of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius at the baseplate; operating humidity of 0 to 95 percent non-condensing; operating shock and vibration per MIL-STD-810F; operating altitude of 10,000 feet; and mean time between failures of more than 27,500 hours.

For more information contact Comtech PST online at https://comtechpst.com.

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