How to Have a Better Orgasm, According to The O-Man—LA’s Orgasm Whisperer

How to Have a Better Orgasm, According to The O-Man—LA's Orgasm Whisperer

The O-Man, who maintains anonymity for obvious reasons, gradually fell into his work as the orgasm sensei of the greater Los Angeles area after working for years as a personal trainer. In 2013 he suffered an accident at, in his words, “a candle gym in Burbank,” hurting his back (the dorsal scapular nerve, to be specific). He “shrugged the injury off like a dude” for a few years, until he began both physical therapy and psychotherapy. “I got diagnosed with anxiety,” he told Glamour in a phone interview, “and then I began following a basic path of hip stretches and steps to help to relax the throat, which would help with anxiety or panic attacks.”

At the same time, some of The O-Man’s relatives were diagnosed with lung disorders. “To help them,” he said, “I wanted to learn everything that I could about breathing, which also tied into the ribs, which also tied into my injury.”

He studied muscle groups, particularly the deep front line of muscles that provide “stability and structure to your body.” His physical therapist told him to pair the physical exploration with the emotional. “It became a quest to figure out what would affect that deep line,” he said. “And the stuff that I learned that affected the deep line affected all the muscles along it, which include the pelvic floor.

“The important thing to remember is that nothing ever in life or in the body happens in isolation,” he continued. “So in the training context, if you sit and you do a machine that’s a bicep curl, there’s several other things that are happening. Your hips are shortened; you’re on a seat usually. All those things go unquantified while you’re busy working out your bicep. So it’s the stuff that you’re neglecting going through the basic motions that I became very fascinated with, and that’s very easily translated into an intimate context.”

In 2019, The O-Man put his practical skills to the test. He went on a date with a woman whom he noticed was misaligned; after some exercises, he supposedly made her orgasm 42 times in two hours. She posted about him on a sex-positive Facebook group (“This guy will make you squirt”), urging other women to go see him. He developed a taste for making women orgasm “for minutes at a time until they have an expanded sexual response and hallucinate,” a claim I would have found absurd until he did it to me. In 2020, when the pandemic was in full throttle and his personal training work dried up, he decided to invent a program, a business, now dubbed The O-System, in which one pays a reasonable rate for some very personal training.

In my case, this meant The O-Man sent me a Google Drive folder filled with a simple, inexpensive equipment list (lacrosse balls, foam rollers, yoga blocks), and videos of daily and weekly exercises, some of them high-intensity interval training (HIIT), for me to do, all were designed to improve my posture and alignment, to make me loose and limber so I could orgasm harder and more easily—a physical solution to what is usually described as a mental or emotional problem. He suggests that you masturbate after doing the workouts.

The O-Man asked that I not go into too much detail about his exercises (trade secrets), but they’re not strange to anyone familiar with a basic Pilates course or other forms of somatic, sexological body work. There is one, crucial difference: I have never felt taller, more flexible, or just looser and more relaxed in general than when I keep up with the program. The exercises are astonishing, almost better than the orgasms. In the videos, The O-Man will perform some kind of stretch with his snout and a foam roller, and then demonstrate how it makes his shoulders drop. I did the exercises. My shoulders dropped. I no longer fear becoming Emma, ​​the grim, hunched office worker of the future.


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