T-Mobile, Oceus Team Up to Bring 5G Solutions to US Government

T-Mobile, Oceus Team Up to Bring 5G Solutions to US Government

Jeff Harman, Oceus

T-Mobile and Oceus have formed a strategic alliance focused on leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network and Oceus’ 5G product offerings to provide solutions designed specifically for the federal government.

Oceus’ experience in deploying cellular broadband in military environments, combined with T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions, will provide new capabilities and cutting-edge use cases for federal agencies including the Defense Department.

These services will also support applications for augmented reality/virtual reality, maintenance and logistics, training, and active operations.

“T-Mobile has live 5G capacity that is unmatched, and this capacity allows our customers to securely access maximum 5G coverage,” said Oceus President and CEO Jeff Harman. “We’re excited to partner further to deliver new solutions that are needed today by the US government.”

T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions — a suite of managed network solutions — unlocks massive amounts of data by combining 5G connectivity with edge computing. Oceus brings years of expertise in developing, integrating and customizing proprietary tools and technology for delivering access to fast, reliable cellular-based connectivity in mission-critical operations.

“This is a game changer for DOD, and as an example, late last year Oceus and T-Mobile teamed up to provide a response to an urgent request for high-capacity emergency communications in support of Operation Allies Welcome,” said Callie Field, chairman of the T-Mobile Business Group.

“This provided over 6,400 DoD and interagency customers and 30,000 Afghan guests reliable use of retrofitted systems with T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G network, generating a daily average of more than 20,000 voice calls with an estimated data usage of 500 megabits per second, and over three terabytes of average aggregate usage across the four locations.”

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