Sioux Falls internet provider Vast Broadband rebrands to Bluepeak

Bluepeak rebranded from Vast Broadband as they plan to expand internet service in Sioux Falls and other states.

Vast Broadband recently changed its name to Bluepeak. The internet service provider in South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota made the change as part of a rebranding process involving a service expansion.

Bluepeak is the fourth name the company has had in the past 10 years. It was known as Knology before the company’s acquisition by WOW! (WideOpenWest, Inc.) in 2012 and again in 2014 when it was acquired by Vast.

Changing the name to Bluepeak does not reflect an acquisition this time around, but rather the company’s desire to rebrand as they expand in Sioux Falls as well in other states like Wyoming, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

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“With our expansion efforts, we felt it was time we had a name that says we’re evolving as a company. Bluepeak is what came from that,” said Lucas Peterson, government affairs associate with Bluepeak.

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